Bob Jakucs is far and away the best private investigator with whom I have ever worked. He is intelligent, creative, diligent, fastidious, responsive, professional, outcome-oriented, and ethical. He is always efficient and doesn't waste time and money on unproductive actions. Also,his phenomenal background as a Marine officer and an LAPD detective reflects very well on our office, when we describe him to our clients.

Attorney Anthony V. Salerno
Los Angeles, CA


Our law firm utilized Private Investigator Robert Jakucs on a lengthy and difficult civil case in Los Angeles. His efforts on our behalf were nothing less then exceptional. He doggedly uncovered important legal documents whose existence had initially been denied in discovery. A brilliant skip tracer, he located and interviewed key witnesses in Australia and Scotland. His untiring efforts were instrumental in our firm obtaining one of the largest verdicts ever in the state of California regarding public property. I give Mr. Jakucs and his firm my highest recommendation.

Attorney Ronald H. Rouda
San Francisco, CA


Client demands and case sensitivities require that I use the best—Inv. Jakucs always comes through. He is quick, diligent, dependable, resourceful and most importantly, accomplishes the task. As a former U.S. Marine Colonel and LAPD Homicide detective, Bob is the best. His network and vast contacts are very helpful. Thanks Bob.

Attorney Dana Cole
Los Angeles, CA


I have been practicing as a civil trial lawyer for over 30 years. Numerous times I have had need for a private investigator for assistance. Often I was disappointed in the quality of the work or was shocked by the size of the fees charged. Approximately three years ago, I was referred to Bob Jakucs, I hired him and I have used him on numerous assignment since and I will continue to use him. Bob's work is thorough and of the highest caliber, he is reliable, his integrity is impeccable and his fees are reasonable. In short, I wholeheartedly recommend Bob Jakucs without qualification.

Attorney Tom A. Nuziato
Los Angeles, CA


Bob Jakucs has investigative skills that you cannot teach. He has a great sense about people and how to gain their trust and get information from them. Bob’s investigations have been the key in winning several cases. I would whole-heartedly recommend Bob Jakucs to anyone seeking a professional, thorough and reliable investigator.

Attorney Bill H. Seki
Los Angeles, CA


Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson has used Bob Jakucs Investigations for many years. He is an outstanding investigator, an innovative thinker, and a tireless worker. He works efficiently and strategically. Bob has never failed to impress any of the lawyers at SSJ. He always adds value and is a wonderful resource.

Attorney Stephen Allen Jamieson
Playa del Rey, CA


I met LAPD Detective Robert "Bobby" Jakucs in 1994 while he was assigned to Pacific Division's Robbery and Burglary Sections. For about the next three years Detective Jakucs and I worked very closely on several very serious and complicated cases during which I quickly realized that I was working with one of the LAPD's finest investigators. His many years as a street cop and homicide investigator was abundantly evident. Detective Jakucs consistently demonstrated not only an uncanny level of old-school police intuition, but he also excelled in the cutting edge and creative aspects of modern police investigation, including the advanced use of high-tech audio video surveillance, phone records, serological and trace evidence, including DNA, and many other critically important areas within the realm of the forensic sciences. Detective Jakucs was also an especially gifted and innovative interrogator, who clearly understood the benefit of a good ruse when attempting to delineate truth from fiction. In sum, not only was Detective Jakucs willing to put in the massive hours required to really lock down a difficult case, but he was a true professional and pleasure to work with.

Deputy District Attorney Phillip R. Stirling
Los Angeles, CA





When my father went missing, I contacted Bob Jakucs to help find him. He is professional, honest, confident, kind and knowledgeable. I dealt with him on the phone and via email before I met him, but it felt like I knew him. His straightforward nature was a comfort at this difficult time. I highly recommend Bob Jakucs.

Joan Matlack


Bob Jakucs is a go to private investigator for Agnew Brusavich. Bob has provided us with excellent service, work in the field, and results for years.

Attorney Gerald Agnew
Torrance, CA

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For nearly 30 years I had been trying to find my American dad. After using 5 private investigators, visiting 49 states, and even using a well-known television locator, I was about to give up. My daughter talked me into trying one more time. That's when Robert Jakucs came into our lives. Within a matter of months this private investigator found my dad. We can never express our gratitude to this gentleman. We thank God we found him and we highly recommend him.

Rhiannon Owens
Surrey, England

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